Gigabit +

We bring more than you need, not less.   North Texas Fiber's Hotel Internet is the best in the US.  Your guests video-chat and stream Netflix and other apps at will.  No buffering, no complaint calls to front desk. North Texas Fiber's beginnings were with hotel internet.  We know it better than anyone, anywhere!

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Hotel WiFi

Whether in the rooms or common areas, our hotel internet keeps your guests logged in and flying down the internet highway.  We give free advice and a free look to see how you can improve.  No one can help you faster than North Texas Fiber.  Ask our hotel customers!

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Convention Services

North Texas Fiber's hotel internet product gives you daily ability to keep guests beaming.  Then, on demand, we can fill your event or conference rooms with additional capacity.  This way we keep your monthly service costs low, and allowing you to book groups needing additional internet.  NO OTHER carrier can accomplish this but North Texas Fiber.

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Hotel Internet - Your Strong Suit?

Business customers won't stay where the internet is not good.  In a recent pole, neither will vacation travelers (by over 50% poled). In the Dallas area, lousy internet is pervasive and hotels have a bad rap.

North Texas Fiber Hotel Internet products give your hotel the strongest internet offering.  Fill those rooms!  Book those conferences!  We will show you how.

Couple our hotel internet with our hotel WiFi and customers will be singing your tune.  Make hotel internet your strong suit!

66% of calls to Front Desk are about your Hotel internet
66% of calls to Front Desk are about your Hotel internet
66% of all calls to front desk are an internet complaint.
North Texas Fiber of Frisco, TX

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Make internet your greatest attribute.  Let us check your hotel's WiFi.  No charge!  Call us today!