Who We Are

North Texas Fiber is an internet service provider delivering ultra-high-speed internet and voice services to businesses in North Texas.  We run the most modern fiber-optic network in our market, delivering internet services to law firms, hotels, convention areas, car dealerships and other high-use venues.  We live in the gigabit+ areas which large users demand.  High Tech California entrants into North Texas call us first for this reason.

Customer satisfaction is our focus and we are passionate about our customers.  We enjoy providing solutions to clients and multi-location companies are a specialty.  Our differentiator is that we actually deliver exactly what clients sign up for; always symmetrical upload and download.  Our competitors only promise.

While our collective companies hold years of experience, we initiated service under the North Texas Fiber name in 2016.  This grouping merged technologies and expertise into one company.   Since, our growth has been remarkable and our client list includes Fortune 500 companies.

We maintain a network operation group, constantly monitoring utilization and speed. We run almost zero latency or jitter and no other company competes with our efficiency.  With the intense demand for our services, we cultivate our staff as we grow, promoting from within, maintaining our culture.  We answer our phones, not some auto-attendant.  Service comes first, response in seconds.

Our data centers create the most redundant network in our marketplace, transported on our regional fiber ring.  Our interconnect partners are several of the largest in the world.

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