North Texas Fiber

NEED GIG - 10 GIG- 40 GIG- 100 GIG?  In North Texas, we deliver.

North Texas Fiber is "fiber-deep," delivering 100% fiber from end to end, making your network the fastest existing today.  Easy to manage and 999.99% uptime.  Your carrier is NOT fiber-deep and cannot compete with current technologies we utilize.  They promise fiber, but is it?  See picture above

NTF does not provide “residential services” so that your business internet capacity stays constant, not up and down as the school children get home in your area.  Your network is your network, custom-built for you.  You get exactly what you pay for in capacity, no less.

NTF is proud to keep you within two hops of over 250 of the most used sites including Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, Microsoft and others.

NTF proudly utilizes its private ring of fiber in the Metroplex.

NTF delivers a 100% Fiber Optic Network to your office (Less points of failure, easier management)

NTF grows with you, with scalability to 100Gbps In the North Texas area.  We are prepared for the onslaught of continued growth and demand in this market

NTF utilizes multiple data centers as its hub, connecting to multiple providers

NTF is “Multi-Homed”  with Tier 1 Internet Connections for redundancy)

NTF is fastest to the cloud.  Don’t back up at night.  Do it in real-time.  You won’t even notice. 

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WiFi big as TEXAS!

North Texas Fiber builds WiFi for the largest hotels, car dealerships and shopping malls.  Huge users, completely underserved, typically. With our big fiber comes big internet, comes huge throughput on your WiFi.  What you have now probably won't handle the capacity you will enjoy if you have real WiFi equipment.  Imagine 100+ megabit on your tablet as you stroll around the office.  Maybe dance a 2-step with your laptop? Certainly your smartphone will appreciate hooking up with some real speed, saving on that no longer "unlimited" data plan.

Your current carrier can't fulfill this kind of capacity.  If you have a business with capacity needs, call North Texas Fiber.  We are quick and good. Our customers will profess our superiority!

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Block access to lawful content

Throttle content Accept payments for internet fast lanes

Charge bogus 'regulatory fees'

Play games with promotional pricing


Protect our customers' private data

Clearly disclose our terms of service

Clearly disclose our network practices

Offer simple pricing and never raise rates


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Private Network

Multiple offices on one network?   Easy.  A private network makes it impervious to hacking?  We know your business has probably been on a legacy carrier's public network.  Big companies have been hacked all across the US, lately.  Public networks are scary.  Ours?  Private.  No one your network but you!

NOTE:  "A public network is a type of network wherein anyone (namely the general public) has access which can connect to other networks or the Internet. This is in contrast to a private network, where restrictions and access rules are established in order to relegate access to a select few. Since a public network has few or no restrictions, users need to be wary of possible security risks when accessing it."   WHICH LARGE US COMPANIES HACKED IN 2016? 

Your company needs to exist on a private network.  That's what WE run!  Call and unleash North Texas Fiber.


Tired of dropping calls?  NTF’s VoIP platform is “best in class” and our phones are cheaper, better.  No dropping calls, calls getting “thin” or “we hear you, but you don’t hear us.”  We deliver all your needs. 


Once completed, go to our CONTACT US page and send your result.  We would love to know, but already can guess.  

Speed tests grade three components: your ping, your upload speed, and your download speed. Download is how fast you can pull data through your internet pipe and upload is how fast you can push data through your internet pipe.  Ping is how responsive your pipe is.  Ours is usually between 1 to 6 Milliseconds.  Theirs?  Usually 25 to 50 Milliseconds.  If your VoIP phones aren’t working well, you probably have a poor ping.  If your call drops in and out, it is probably because your upload speed is deficient.  Either way, North Texas Fiber suffers none of this.  If you are a gamer, ping rates are crucial to your winning.  Video games are truly dependent on great ping rates. 

Was your download far better than your upload?  Sounds like you are still on copper wire.  Send your result.  We can immediately improve your ping rate, download and upload rates.  It’s a cinch.  Our network runs symmetrical.  Your download and upload speeds will be the same.  Contact us for a free analysis. 


Next Steps...

Do your SPEED TEST.   Send the result and we'll begin the process of brining huge fiber to your business.  You will both save, and prosper!