Big Internet

Gigabit to Desktop is the delivery of a communications signal over optical fiber from NTF's switching equipment all the way to your business premise.  Telephone wires and coaxial cable have no place in our network.  Copper is just a remnant of the past which major carriers continue to sell you as broadband.

North Texas Fiber access speeds can reach 1000Mbps or 10Gbps, while despite promises, carrier DSL or xDSL is much less than 100Mbps.

Our fiber data rates of the connection is generally, only limited by your terminal equipment rather than the fiber, permitting at least some speed improvements by equipment upgrades before the fiber itself would ever need an upgrade.

WiFi services tied to NTF fiber will make your office sing.  Venturing to a website, you'd think it was resident on your computer.  That collection of employees will lift you up on their shoulders!  The difference is stark.  The time saved is money earned.  Employee productivity will explode. Gigabit speed is different than gigabit capacity.  Don't let the big guys fool you.  We deliver both.  They don't!


WiFi Services

North Texas Fiber builds WiFi Services for the largest hotels, car dealerships and shopping malls.  Huge users, completely underserved, typically. With our big fiber comes big internet, comes huge throughput on your WiFi.  What you have now probably won't handle the capacity you will enjoy if you have real WiFi service equipment.  Imagine 100+ megabit on your tablet as you stroll around the office.  Maybe dance a 2-step with your laptop? Certainly your smartphone will appreciate hooking up with some real speed, saving on that no longer "unlimited" data plan.

Your current carrier can't fulfill this kind of capacity.  If you have a business with capacity needs, call North Texas Fiber.  Our customers will profess our superiority!

Our customers utilize WiFi with the surety that capacity will not suffer.  We know WiFi and have built it into offices, hotels and high-density places for years.  They just promise.  We deliver.

Carrier-class?  They have none.  We do!  Call North Texas Fiber, today!


Private Network

Multiple offices on one network?   Easy.  A private network makes it impervious to hacking?  We know your business has been on a legacy carrier's public network.  Big companies have been hacked all across the US, lately.  Public networks are scary.  Ours?  Private.  No one on your network but you!

NOTE:  "A public network is a type of network wherein anyone (namely the general public) has access which can connect to other networks or the Internet. This is in contrast to a private network, where restrictions and access rules are established in order to relegate access to a select few. Since a public network has few or no restrictions, users need to be wary of possible security risks when accessing it."  


Your company needs to exist on a private network.  That's what WE run!  Call and unleash North Texas Fiber.


Save you money?

In many cases, we are cheaper than the carrier you are currently paying.  Doubtful that your capacity is anywhere near promised capacities.  "Up to 20 Megabits" is always a favorite phrase.  You will never get that on copper wire.  We run fiber and we deliver what we agree on, day in and day out.


North Texas Fiber - Best!

Carriers promise "fast" or quote speeds they will not achieve and have no intention providing.  In many areas, they are your only choice.  Not anymore.  Major companies depend on North Texas Fiber.  We don't go down.  Your carrier does often.


We can Help!

Let us visit and see what you've got.  Speedtest yourself first, please.  This is a perfect indication of what you have and what we need to bring you.  Contact us with ping rate, speeds upload and download and we will immediately respond.